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Thursday, 16 January 2014 11:55

"Diabolic Romance"

Toxic Universe is back with another hot release: "Diabolic Romance" featuring 5 previous unreleased and

exclusive nasty full-on power Psy-Trance tracks ! 

That will make your dancefloor shiver during anight time DJ set or for your pleasure private listening.


Cat.RR22060          release date:  07.02.2014


1. Diabolic Romance

2. Fire under Ice

3. Soul on Fire

4. Gobo Leflur

5. Orient Express

Buy on:

iTunes     Beatport     Amazon     Junodownload



Published in Latest Releases
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 14:15


Aycid-d is a DJ and music producer from Hamburg Germany. In the inspiring music scene of Hamburg Aycid-d found in 2001 fast fallen in the electronic music and decided to try it itself.
He had his first appearances as a DJ in the DOCK Hamburg, Vision-X (Resident DJ), Raiders cafe, Electro base (disco Blue) where he inspired fast the masses.
In 2008 produced he the first ideas and tracks and developed fast. This was quick to him clearly, producing a firm component for him is.
Topically Aycid-d works on his first tracks.  For the future, he wants to develop as prosaying 'du' and DJ and draws inspiration for it from live and the music itself, we can be curious what we will hear in future still from him!

Aycid-D at Facebook

Published in Artists
Monday, 16 April 2012 12:06


Former death-metal head grell decided to produce electro after listening to aphex twin and leftfield.

Over the next ten years he spent some pennys on gear, trying to evolve his own fucked up sound.

Never really having a dj-career, he gets his inspiration from partys, absorbing the sound that makes

the dancefloor tick.

After some releases as Tobi Vice on german and swiss-based labels he is going to invade

the scene with Radium Records.


release on Radium Records:

Grell - Dicke Schüssel EP


Grell at Facebook

Published in Artists
Thursday, 10 November 2011 13:31

Mes Fx

Mes FX is back ! Since his last release “Emotion” the “musical infection reached the listeners for requesting more. And here it is his latest work “The Sound” features 3 brandnew tracks.

One track is produced by Mes Fx and Gökhan Laleoglu.

The result is a stunning and massive techno EP with thick basslines and shining minimal elements.


release on Radium Records:


Grell - Dicke Schüssel - Club Edit Remix



MesFX at Facebook

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